pHase2 microtechnologies, LLC

Safe, Portable, Accurate pH sensing for the 21st century

pHase2 microtechnologies, Inc. ("pH2 micro") is a Pittsburgh-based nanotechnology company that develops safe, portable, and accurate pH sensing solutions. Our solid-state, silver-free, sensing system is suitable for a wide range of laboratory, industrial, and commercial applications. Through novel polymer engineering we have developed a highly selective, small form-factor, portable combination electrode system that is capable of accurately measuring pH of real-world substances from extremely small (microliter) samples. Our 1-point calibration capability, condition-free operation, and easy to maintain design create vast new possibilities of sensing pH outside the traditional laboratory setting.

Based on metal-oxide sensing, our passive electrodes are extremely small, exhibit high linearity, and require no dedicated power, making them attractive for integration into larger IoT solutions. The system's low impedance is beneficial for industrial applications that are prone to noise and interference. The innovative polymer design allows for light weight, flexible sensor that can be customized for size, shape and analyte.

Our manufacturing process can leverage the economies of scale inherent in semiconductor manufacturing, enabling a truly affordable, easy to use disposable pH sensor design.